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 Recruiting on East!

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PostSubject: Recruiting on East!   Sat Sep 20, 2008 12:14 am


Since we now have enough people in the East Recruiting Squad I can put my second part of the Recruiting on East into action. (Keep in mind though that we are still looking for members to join the east recruiting squad).

This is how the recruiting MUST go from now on on the East realm.

1. ANY member on the east realm may recruit.
2. They MUST save the replay of the recruitment game or that game will be a waste and the member will have to be re-recruited.
3. After they recruit the member, they can use their own judgment to decide if the member is good enough to become a TRIAL member of Clan DK. (I'm starting to take advantage of the Trial Member feature)
4. The recruiter MUST make it clear that being a trial member of Clan DK DOES NOT mean they are in Clan DK yet. They are under review from the East Recruiting Squad.
5. It is no longer REQUIRED to add replays to the site, however if no recruiter is on, it may help to do so.
6. The recruiter, following the recruiting process for the Trial Member must then go back to the channel and give the replay to member(s) of the East Recruitment Squad. If they do not know who is one, check their profiles. I'm requiring that ALL East Recruitment Squad members put at least the "East Recruitment Squad" in their profile.
7. The East Recruitment Squad member(s) will then view the replay and IF they decide that the member is skilled enough to join, they will give them their vote. The Trial Member needs 3 votes from 3 members to become a Recruit.
8. This means that the recruiter should vote for the Trial member IF they think the trial member deserves it, and two members from the recruiting squad need to watch the replay and vote for the member if they feel they are good enough to join.
9. If no member from the recruiting squad is on, then the recruiter should be SURE to mention that the new recruit is still under review and
10. The member should then be welcomed into Clan DK as a TRUE member.

-ANY replays added to site East Recruitment squad members will be sure to download and watch. So if none are online, I HIGHLY suggest you post it on the site. This can be done (If you're a WO or above) by going to your Console, then to Add Download and select Replay.
-I HIGHLY suggest the west realm attempts to try this as well. It will a** that Clan DK stays on top AND that we are making sure our trial members are worthy of joining Clan DK.
-A quick note. If a member of the recruiting squad is present at the time of the recruiting and obs the recruitment game, that DOES count as watching the "replay" and can therefore, count as two votes.
-NO MORE VOTING FOR THE HELL OF IT! From now on no member may vote because they want to. Voting for east recruits is for people in the East Recruiting Squad.
-The new recruit does not HAVE to win to be admitted into Clan DK. We have a lot of good gamers in clan dk that are very hard to beat and a new recruit could still be good, and lose. So keep that in mind while recruiting and watching replays.

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Recruiting on East!
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